Below I explain how one can buy GTTpresale1 token via the Stellar Decentralized Exchange, using the Stellar Desktop Client…

Starting from january 1st, 2019 one GTTpresale1 will be tradable either for one Euro(EUR) (making GTTpresale1 a fiat-backed token), or for one GTT through this website (

GTT stands for Gaudia Tech Token and whereas GTTpresale1 are time-limited objects, GTTs will exist in the long run (5+ years starting from Nov 28th 2017).

GTTs will represent a useful asset in the "Brutos Online" multiplayer video game (currently in pre-alpha stage). GTTs will be used by anyone to buy/sell legendary items from other players, gain in-game VIP services (like instant travel between cities), participate in automated tournaments, and other exciting things.
In the very long run (Q4 2019 and beyond), GTTs will be used to buy/sell access rights to play other online video games.

Buying GTTpresale1 tokens with XLM (in 4 simple steps)

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4