It's my pleasure to introduce you with a unique asset designed and created in march this year: the GTshare token.


You can acquire a GTshare token right now, via the SDEX!
As far as I know, GTshare is the first -dividend paying token- freely tradable through the Stellar network. Hold any quantity of GTshare and on the 1st day of each month you will be offered lumens, based on the ratio of the GTshare total supply you hold. At anytime, you are free to buy AND sell GTshare units via the SDEX!


  1. What does SDEX mean?Stellar Decentralized EXchange, check this tutorial to learn how to use it: https://smartlands.io/wp/2017/12/21/how-to-trade-on-sdex/
  2. How do I create a trustline, in order to acquire some GTshare s?check this tutorial: https://bit.ly/2sQHX3U
  3. Does it work? I mean… Really, I can get free XLM every month?Check out this post to get multiple proofs that I always keep my promises: https://galactictalk.org/d/1361-xlm-dividends-gtshare-tokens
  4. How many tokens can I get?There are only 600 GTshare tokens in the world, and there will never be more.In fact, the issuing account is locked by the regular Stellar signature weight zero mechanism. This means that myself, I wouldn't be able to add tokens to the system even if I wished to.
  5. Where do dividends come from? First, you need to know that I'm an experienced coder and I've been working really hard for about two years to learn a lot about cryptos and to create an indie video game (that uses old-school 2D graphics) named "Brutos Online".
    The game is far from being finished but it will launch in december 2018 (an alpha release is already available since september). What really sets this game apart is that you will be able to fight other players online in PvP duels, bet, win or loose cryptos directly in game.For every duel played, a small fee will be kept to fuel the french-based Gaudia Tech company in cryptos AND to reward investors who are holding GTshare tokens.For now, and since march 2018, dividends were just gifts made to early adopters (since the game is not running yet). Dividends should become significant starting from september / october, because I believe the game will become successful… To learn more about "Brutos Online", you can check this page:

Let's transform the gaming industry together! Invest in GTshare before it's too late!

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you can reach me by e-mail: thomas at gaudia-tech dto com