Brutos Online: the game

Don't be fooled by a retro look'n'feel! Brutos Online (BO) is a game in development that aims at becoming one of the most daring indie game ever produced!

First: BO has a unique gameplay centered on competition and grinding. It is not copycatting any of the existing PC games.

Second: BO will feature a virtual economy led by players. Amazingly enough, that economy will be in constant interaction with several decentralized systems.

Game publishing will never be the same…

Early builds (pre-alpha) will be tested with volunteers along the development process. A launcher/updater program can be retrieved from here

GTshare: a new kind of asset

Introducing a secure token to invest your cryptos in! The initial announcement was made on this particular forum

Based on the Stellar network, the token's purpose is (1) crowdfund continuously all of Gaudia Tech's projects and (2) reward investors.

Indeed, holding some GTshare on the 1st day of any month will trigger a XLM transfer directly to your account.

The more we succeed, the more XLM (Stellar lumens) you receive!

Get some GTshare to test this "dividend" payment system. It works with any balance >= 0.06 GTshare (future XLM amounts are proportionate).

Technical details and network history can be found on Stellar.Expert

Technical training

(In french only)
Gaudia Tech propose des formations techniques ou scientifiques, en présentiel, dans tout le Bas-rhin.

Chaque cours est taillé sur mesure, pour s'adapter à vos exigences. Vous bénéficiez ainsi d'un accompagnement personnalisé.

Les thèmes pouvant être enseignés couvrent un panel large: programmation, algorithmique, mathématiques, technologie Blockchain, logiciels spécialisés, etc.


  • sep. 2017- completion of Brutos Online theoretical design
  • jan. 2018- BO: first running prototype (pre-alpha)
  • mar. 2018- 600 GTshare tokens (total supply) are forged
  • aug. 2018- participation to the Stellar Build Challenge #7
  • Q.1 2019- reaching the 100 GTshare holder accounts mark
  • mar. 2019- BO: release of the ALPHA version
  • may 2019- BO: release of the BETA version
  • aug. 2019- Brutos Online official launch, marketing campaign
  • jan. 2020- new fund raising campaign
  • Q.2 2020- publication of a first third-party game
  • Q.4 2020- reaching the 5 games published mark
Brutos Online (multiplayer game): screenshot of the first running prototype

If you like our projects and have strong skills in one of those areas:

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Freelance jobs are available from time to time. Drop an email if interested: contact at 'this domain'. Thank you!