Technical training

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Gaudia Tech propose des formations techniques ou scientifiques, en présentiel, dans tout le Bas-rhin.

Chaque cours est taillé sur mesure, pour s'adapter au mieux à vos exigences. Il s'agit d'un service personnalisé.

Les thèmes pouvant être enseignés couvrent un large panel de savoirs: langages et techniques de programmation, algorithmique, mathématiques, technologie Blockchain, logiciels de calcul scientifique, etc.

Gaudia Tech peut aussi intervenir pour des missions spécifiques en rapport avec votre S.I. et qui requièrent une forte expertise informatique. a new kind of gaming portal


The testable pre-alpha version is available!

Brutos Online: the game

Don't be fooled by a retro look'n'feel! Brutos Online (BO) is a game in development that aims at becoming one of the most daring indie game ever produced!

First: BO has a unique gameplay centered on competition and grinding. It is not copycatting any of the existing PC games.

Second: BO will feature a virtual economy led by players. Amazingly enough, that economy will be interacting directly with the Stellar decentralized system. Our work has been rewarded during the StellarBuild Challenge No7

Game publishing will never be the same!

The game development slowed down since november 2018, but good news may be just around the corner! project roadmap

  • sep. 2017- completion of BrutosOnline's theoretical design
  • jan. 2018- BrutosOnline: first running prototype (pre-alpha)
  • mar. 2018- 600 GTshare tokens (total supply) are forged
  • aug. 2018- participation to the Stellar Build Challenge #7
  • jan. 2019- pre-alpha version of the gaming portal
  • jun. 2019- (alpha version): two playable games + MOBI tokens support
  • aug. 2019- BrutosOnline: release of the 1st stable alpha version
  • sep. 2019- GTshare replaced by 1.2M units of the new LUDO cryptoasset (token swap)
  • jan. 2020- reaching the 3 games available mark
  • mar 2020- (beta version): full english support, improved GUI + stronger anti-cheat system
  • jun. 2020- Kickstarter campaign
  • oct. 2020- Beta version release
Brutos Online (multiplayer game): screenshot of the first running prototype

If you like the Brutos/ project and have strong skills in one of those areas:

Let's talk!

Freelance jobs are available from time to time. Drop an email if interested: crypto@this domain dot com. Thank you!